1 child enters foster care every 2 minutes

There are over 400,000 children in foster care, and a new child enters care every 2 minutes, often with nothing but the clothing on their backs. At the Ticket to Dream Foundation our programs revolve around building self-esteem, self-worth, and ensuring foster youth have the tools, services, and experiences to become successful adults.

Whether that means joining a soccer team, having a laptop to finish their homework, or even getting special help in school.

Sometimes it’s as vital as creating hope with opportunities to create happy childhood memories, and to help these kids, just be kids. We reach over 170,000 foster youth and every day we aim to find ways to help even more. Learn more about our impactful programs and how you can help below.

Support Go Play!

GoPlay! brings normal childhood experiences to foster youth across the nation. Its goal is to widen horizons, teach important life skills and bring joy through access to extra-curricular activities and experiences.

For millions of children joining the soccer team, heading to camp or seeing their favorite basketball players in action on the court are happy childhood memories they hold dear and learned about life through.

Research shows when a child participates in extracurricular activities like sports, dance or music you often see improved grades, attendance, and self-esteem. But for thousands of foster youth across the country these experiences are out of reach.


That’s where our GoPlay! program steps in!

Every year GoPlay! funds foster kids passions so they can join the team, pick up a musical instrument even go to camp.

We also work with sports teams, communities and entertainment companies to provide thousands of tickets to fun events like professional sports games, the state fair, movies, or a trip to Disneyland.

Over the years we have provided over 50,000 foster youth with extracurricular opportunities and fun experiences.

Whether it’s meeting a professional sports team on the field, attending a summer camp tailored for them, or scoring their first goal. We want foster youth to know WE CARE and they are worthy

“Foster youth who are moved from one home to another often struggle with feeling a real sense of belonging. Being a part of a sports team, or youth club, can give them a sense of stability and support during times of crisis, a shelter from the storms. We are so thankful for Ticket to Dream’s help to make these activities possible for foster kids.”

Arizona’s Children Association

Take Flight Program 

Each year 25,000 foster children between the ages of 18-21 age out and must leave foster care unsupported. Less than 50% graduate from high school, and of those who do graduate less than 3% earn a college degree.

The results of thrusting these youth into adulthood without guidance are staggering: they must suddenly live independently, find housing and employment, feed and clothe themselves, often without a high school diploma or job experience.

More than 25% of former foster youth have PTSD, and 1 in 5 will be homeless within a year of aging out of care. Through our Fostering Success programs, our goal is to empower foster youth for the future, particularly preparing youth prior to and while aging out of care.

Support Successful Futures


Take Flight Key Initiatives:


Laptops for Success
Research shows that foster children face a growing digital divide with more than 80% of foster youth not having consistent access to a computer. To help Ticket to Dream is partnering with iFoster to distribute hundreds of new laptops bundled with lifetime software, and tech support to ensure foster teens have the tools and skills they need to succeed. Foster teens who are given these resources experience improved grades, school and work attendance, the pursuit of college and employment improves, depression and suicide rates are reduced, and self-esteem increases.

Cards for Grads
Foster youth that receive their diploma face an uphill battle with frequent school changes, lack of access to technology and essential items, and twice the emotional problems as their peers. We are encouraging individuals, companies, or groups to help acknowledge this graduation achievement by creating cards with gift cards or
gifts included to help celebrate their hard work and help them as they transition into living on their own. Learn More Here

Aging Out Program Grants
Our goal is to arm foster youth aging out of care with support programs that help them graduate high school, earn a degree, find employment, learn vital life skills and ensure they have housing upon aging out. Our grants program funds vital services for foster youth across the country with a clear focus on reducing homelessness and creating successful futures. Learn about our 2018 program recipients and how together we keep foster youth off the streets and on a path to success.


Essentials Program

Through our partnership with Mattress Firm, we hold 5 annual drives for foster youth to collect essential items like clothing, school supplies, shoes, and toys during the holidays. These essentials allow foster youth to have the everyday items they need while also boosting their self-esteem and ability to fit in with their peers. Helping is easy, just pick up a new item for our essentials drive and drop it off at your local Mattress Firm store. You can learn more about the current drive.

Is your company interested in donating in-kind product to help us reach even more children? Learn more about our essential item donation program and join the ranks of giving companies like BEARPAW shoes, KiwiCo, Title Nine and more. Our teams are here to help you develop a program or easily hand off product that will impact children’s lives.



Team Celebrate

Ticket to Dream has partnered with Team Celebrate a youth run organization that rallies kids to help kids celebrate their birthdays. As firm believers that anyone can help a foster child this partnership is a great way for kids to get involved!


Want to Help us Reach More Kids?

Want to help us create improved futures and childhood memories for foster youth? 

You can donate online, create an online fundraiser to reach even more kids or email info@tickettodream.org for sponsorship or corporate fundraising opportunities.

Are you are a foster family seeking support? Please check out our resource page.