Ticket to Dream programs are all designed with feedback from our network of non-profit partners across the nation to help foster kids, just be kids. Each program builds self-esteem, self-worth, and ensures foster youth have the tools, services and experiences they need to thrive. Sometimes it’s as vital as creating hope with opportunities to create happy childhood memories.

Mattress Firm Foster Kids


Through our partnership with Mattress Firm, we hold 5 annual drives for foster youth to collect essential items like clothing, school supplies, shoes, and toys during the holidays. These essentials allow foster youth to have the everyday items they need while also boosting their self esteem and ability to fit in with their peers. Learn more about our essential item donation program or how to participate in the current Mattress Firm Foster Kids drive.


goplay logo

GoPlay! brings normal childhood experiences to foster youth across the nation. It’s goal is to widen horizons, teach important life skills and bring joy. The pillars of this program are access to extra-curricular activities, tickets to fun events or parks, and unique experiences just for them.

Extra-Curricular Participation: Research shows when a child participates in extracurricular activities like sports, dance or music you often see improved grades, attendance and self esteem. For foster children these activities also provide a sense of normalcy, help them fit in with their peers, make new friends and learn important life skills.

Tickets for Kids: Every child should visit the zoo, local museum, take in a ball game, a concert or go to the movie theatre. These experiences provide a sense of wonder, widen horizons and create happy memories for children who have experienced too few.

Foster Kids Events: Ticket to Dream and its partners are determined to create unique experiences just for foster youth that show them how special they really are. Whether it’s meeting a professional sports team on the field, attending a summer camp tailored for them or visiting the happiest place on earth. We want foster youth to know WE CARE and they are worthy.

Want to support GoPlay? There are many ways to help. You can donate online, create an online fundraiser to reach even more kids or reach out to info@tickettodream.org if you would like to sponsor, donate tickets to fun activities/events or help us host a fun event just for them.

Cards for Grads

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Only 50% of foster youth graduate from high school. Those that receive their diploma faced an uphill battle with frequent school changes, lack of access to technology and essential items, and twice the emotional problems as their peers. Graduation also marks another transition for foster youth, as they leave for college or to live on their own with little to no safety net or support system. We are encouraging individuals, companies or groups to help acknowledge this graduation achievement by creating a graduation congrats cards with gift cards or gifts included to help celebrate their hard work and help them as they transition into living on their own.

Want to participate? You can send your cards or gift cards to Ticket to Dream (6705 S. 209th Street Kent, WA 98032) and we’ll mail them to a graduation youth or donate online and we’ll get a team of volunteers to help! Email info@tickettodream.com for more info.

Laptops for Success

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Computer technology and access to the Internet are now a part of everyday education, social interaction, and fundamental to building technology skills needed in the workplace. Research shows that foster children face a growing digital divide with more than 80% of foster youth not having consistent access to a computer. To help Ticket to Dream is partnering with iFoster and our non-profit partners to distributed kid friendly laptops, software and tech support to foster youth. Research has shown that foster teens given these resources experience improved grades, school and work attendance increases, pursuit of college and employment improves, depression is reduced, and self-esteem increases. In short the gift of laptops increases happiness and gives foster youth a better chance at success.

Want to help? You can donate online, create an online fundraiser to reach even more kids or email info@tickettodream.org for sponsorship opportunities.


Are you are a foster family seeking support? Please check out our resource page.