At Ticket to Dream, we have a network of non-profit partners across the country, all working to improve the lives of foster children to change the standard of care and impact foster care in a big way. Typical foster care services are done at the city, county or possibly state level. This makes it difficult for companies or community members to help large groups of foster children.

The Ticket to Dream Foundation works differently.

We have partnered with over 200 trusted foster care non-profits across the country with the goal of putting as many resources as we can into the hands of foster children. This allows us to reach foster children in many different settings from group homes, private foster care, emergency placement centers, etc. With every donation, we alleviate stress and burden for foster care partners, foster families and foster children allowing their resources to stretch even further to expand and improve service.

Every donation ensures that a foster child has the tools and essentials they need to thrive and the knowledge that someone cared.

Below you can easily search our non-profit partners in your area to see their full contact info, review who gets essential items, has volunteer opportunities, licenses foster parents or facilitates adoptions: