How it Works

STEP 1.  Spread the Word About Your Donation Drive

  • Get the word out about your drive by talking to friends, neighbors, family and coworkers!
  • Send emails and use your social network to encourage even more people to donate essentials for foster kids of all ages.
  • Talk up your collection drive at staff meetings, kids’ soccer games, community events or religious gatherings. Send an announcement in your work newsletter or slip the information into a meeting agenda.


STEP 2.  Collect Your Donations

Create a central place to collect donations, whether it’s your home, a community center or the lobby at work. Clearly mark containers for donation drop-offs.

If a cash donation is preferred, consider hosting a monetary drive and fundraise for Ticket to Dream on Crowdrise. In just a few minutes you can easily set up a campaign and ask friends, family and co-workers to donate online for a great cause.

STEP 3.  Drop Off Your Donations To The Nearest Mattress Firm store

Donations are accepted at Mattress Firm locations.

(click to find the location nearest you)



STEP 4.  Share Your Success

Provide us with your name, contact information and a details about your efforts!


If you have a large donation or would prefer shipping items please email to arrange details.