Each year, 25,000 foster children between the ages of 18-21 age out of foster care

Facing instant adulthood thousands of foster youth must independently find housing, employment, feed and clothe themselves with little to no support, often without a high school diploma or job experience.  With odds stacked against their success, 1 in 5 foster youth will be homeless within 1 year of aging out.  Less than 50% graduate high school, and of those who do graduate, less than 3% will earn a college degree. The goal of Ticket to Dream Foundation’s Dream It’s Possible program is to arm foster youth with support programs that help them graduate high school, enroll in college or vocational training, learn valuable life skills, obtain access to technology, and ensure that they have proper housing ready for their transition to independent living.  To achieve this goal, Ticket to Dream is proud to support the following impactful programs from agencies across the country. These resources are made by possible by the co-hosted Mattress Firm Charity Golf Classic through our generous supporters and donors. Together we can help foster youth dream it’s possible.


Ticket to Dream is proud to support this year’s Take Flight Grantees

Grant Recipients

Alternative Family Services | California


Alternative Family Services provides subsidize housing, one on one counseling, and other support services for former foster youth who lack a support system. AFS leases apartments to youth at sub-market rates and purchases essentials to furnish apartments. They also create a plan to allow foster youth to gain greater independence from formal assistance as their earning power and life skills grow.


Learn more: Alternative Family Services

Angel Reach | Texas


Angel Reach has created a 3-tiered housing plan that teaches independence and life skills, with individual responsibilities increasing at each level. Rent is charged at a variable rate, increasing with each level and placed into a savings account. By the time the foster youth has moved out, they are able to use their savings for a down payment on a car and/or apartment deposit.


Learn more: Angel Reach

Bethany Christian Services | Michigan

Life & Job Skills

Bethany Christian Services’ further youth’s experiences so that they can develop the knowledge, skills and experience to become self-sufficient individuals and active participants in their communities. Foster youth will receive assistance in completing secondary education, participate in community service activities, attend career fair and other job readiness events, gain work experience and learn employment skills, and be given access to affordable and permanent housing.

Learn more: Bethany Christian Services

CASA of Baltimore City | Maryland

Life & Job Skills

CASA of Baltimore City provides individualized life skills training to foster youth including: navigating public transportation, money management, job application preparation, resume writing, Dress to Success trainings, completing college applications and financial assistance documents, and self-advocacy.


Learn more: CASA of Baltimore City

CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties | Colorado

Life & Job Skills

CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties Health Foundation & Relationships program teaches foster youth valuable life and job skills by teaching: self-advocacy, critical thinking and decision-making kills, healthy relationship practices, employment opportunities, networking, public speaking, financial literacy, and community resources.

Learn more: CASA of Jefferson & Gilpin Counties

Child Advocates of San Antonio | Texas

Life & Job Skills

Child Advocates of San Antonio offers workshops, a career fair, and trainings for youth transitioning out of foster care. Workshops and trainings include: job skills, career building opportunities, college application assistance, resume writing, and interview etiquette. Their career fair brings in local businesses for networking, employment opportunities, and mock interviews.

Learn more: Child Advocates of San Antonio

Cornerstones of Care | Missouri


Cornerstones of Care’s Youth Education Success (YES) Program provides assistance for SAT/ACT preparation, college campus visits, college applications and financial aid documents, tuition assistance, and  transportation support. The YES Program also provides crisis assistance, ensuring a student does not drop out of school due to lack of food, clothing restrictions, or medical reasons.

Learn more: Cornerstones of Care

Foster Angels of Central Texas | Texas


Foster Angels of Central Texas provides educational support such as academic tutoring, specialized job training, vocational and certification programs, SAT/GED preparation classes or fees, computer and  educational materials for foster youth.


Learn more: Foster Angels of Central Texas

Foster Care to Success | Nationwide


Foster Care to Success provides emergency funds directly to former foster youth students in financial crisis. Funds address urgent needs such as: car, rent and utility payments, basic safe living and home maintenance, and emergency dental care.


Learn more: Foster Care to Success

Golden State Family Services | California

Life & Job Skills –

Golden State Family Services helps to develop independent life skills for foster youth. They aid with academic goals, housing searches, cultivating healthy relationships, completing job applications, and teaching interview etiquette. They also aim to increase self-esteem by encouraging youth to participate in extracurricular activities that promote teamwork and a sense of self-efficiency.

Learn more: Golden State Family Services

iFoster | California and Nevada

Life & Job Skills

iFoster provides job opportunities that align with the skills, career goals, and location proximity of youth participants. This program enables youth to earn competitive, permanent, and livable-wage jobs through a unique program model that includes: work readiness, job skills training, reducing barriers to employment, and pipelines to sustainable private sector employment.

Learn more: iFoster

John Burton Advocates for Youth | California


John Burton Advocates for Youth’s College Book Fund has accounts with colleges across California that allows foster youth to purchase books for college. The fund provides up to $250 to individual students to purchase textbooks and charge to the Book Fund account.


Learn more: John Burton Advocates for Youth

Olive Crest | California


Olive Crest will be adding an Independent Living Skills Housing Specialist to reduce homelessness of youth, offer individualized financial and living skills education, help with housing-related barriers, provide onsite housing counseling and eviction prevention, and provide intensive case management, including acquiring and maintain safe and stable housing.

Learn more: Olive Crest

Pride Industries | California

Life & Job Skills

Pride Industries Youth Employment program provides services for transition-aged youth including: tutoring, employment skills training, and linkages to post-secondary education.



Learn more: Pride Industries

Promises2Kids | California


Promises2Kids expands and strengthens the services provided to foster youth by providing a pathway to community college or vocational training opportunities. They support juniors and seniors that are a part of the Junior Guardian Scholars program, providing information on college scholarships and tuition assistance. They also provide tutoring, educational workshops, and college tours.

Learn more: Promises2Kids

San Francisco State Guardian Scholars | California

Housing, Education

The San Francisco State Guardian Scholars Program provides housing support to former foster youth during summer months when on-campus housing is unavailable. They also provide needed financial support to students who are living on or off campus during school breaks, when financial aid does not cover housing expenses.

Learn more: SF State Gaurdian Scholars

Seattle University Fostering Scholars Program | Washington


The Fostering Scholars Program provides support services, tuition and books assistance, healthcare, and year-round housing to former foster youth while attending Seattle University.


Learn more: Seattle University Fostering Scholars

Sunrise Children Services | Kentucky

Housing, Education, Life & Job Skills

Sunrise Children Services VentureON program secures fully-furnished apartments for youth aging-out and assists with rent and utilities. They also aid in applying for secondary education. Living expenses are covered for former foster youth while pursuing further education. Sunrise provides a mentorship program for youth not in technical school or college.

Learn more: Sunrise Children Services

The Buckeye Ranch | Ohio

Life & Job Skills

The Buckeye Ranch provides a 16-week group training focusing on life skills and core competencies. They equip foster youth with daily life skills including: cooking, etiquette, hygiene, personal finance, employment, and education. Each lesson includes real-world practice and includes items that they will need to execute each task.

Learn more: The Buckeye Ranch

The New York Foundling | New York


The New York Foundling’s College Bound Tutoring Program aims to improve high school graduation rates and college access to New York foster youth. The program provides tutors who are trained in college admissions, enrollment, and financial aid processes.


Learn more: The New York Foundling

The Villages of Indiana | Indiana


The Villages provides resources for emergency rental assistance for homeless or evicted youth. This includes assistance to stay in a hotel for 1-2 weeks at a time, until the foster youth can find and apply for affordable housing.


Learn more: The Villages of Indiana

Together We Rise | Nationwide

Housing, Education, Life & Job Skills

The Together We Rise Family Fellowship scholarship is awarded to former foster youth pursuing higher education. The scholarship covers tuition, books, tutors, and housing (including during summer and winter breaks). Together We Rise also provides scholarship recipients with personal and career focused mentors, as well as emotional and wrap-around support.

Learn more: Together We Rise

Treehouse | Washington


Treehouse’s Graduation Success program builds a team around each student that provides tutoring, support services, and basic material needs such as clothing, books, and school supplies. Their diligence has helped students in their program to graduate at the same rate as their peers.


Learn more: Treehouse

Turning Points for Children | Pennsylvania

Housing, Education, Life & Job Skills

Turing Points for Children’s independent living program assists with apartment deposits, shelter fees, utility deposits, cleaning supplies, etc. They also assist with graduation fees, college application costs, housing deposits, ACT/SAT preparation classes, and GED completion. Turning Points for Children teaches money management, interview etiquette and other life and job skills.

Learn more: Turning Points for Children

Uspiritus | Kentucky


Uspiritus has a transitional housing complex that requires upgrades to make the units livable for youth transitioning out of care. Several units cannot be used due to dangerous heat conditions. The funds provided will be used to install an HVAC system in the units, allowing them to be occupied by foster youth aging out of the system.



Learn more: Uspiritus 

Youth Villages | Tennessee

Housing, Education, Life & Job Skills

Youth Villages Tennessee’s YVLifeSet Program assists youth with finding and securing housing, aiding in rent, utilities, housing essentials, budgeting, and emergency funds. The program connects foster youth with a YVLifeSet Specialist for a weekly meeting to create goals that encourage graduation from high school, college or GED completion. The Specialist also assists with college application process and tutoring services. The program also provides assistance with finding, applying for, and securing employment.

Learn more: Youth Villages